Biden Asks Border Agents to Volunteer for Poland While Our Border Is Open


We are at war but the war is on our border and it’s ignored. Biden is admitting anyone in the world who wants to come into the US illegally. They needn’t be vetted and they will be flown wherever they choose to go. However, despite this, Border Patrol agents are being asked to deploy to Europe due to the Ukraine conflict, John Solomon reports.

In a memo sent Thursday morning and obtained by Just the News, CBP’s office of field operations sought volunteers willing to deploy immediately to Poland for “Operation Ukraine Support.”

The request comes six months after a similar effort to process Afghan refugees after the bungled U.S. exit from that country. That operation was sharply criticized Friday by the Pentagon inspector general for poor Defense Department vetting that allowed 50 Afghans posing serious security risks to enter the United States, Solomon writes.

No problem, we’re sure Russia, China, Iran, and our other enemies won’t take advantage of this.

Every month, we import the population of a US city, negating their vote once they get their citizenship, which Democrats plan to orchestrate as they’ve said.

Some months we take in the population of Montpelier (7700), Pierre (14,000), Augusta (18,000), Frankfort (27,000), Helena (29,000), Juneau (30,000), Dover (36,000), Annapolis (36,000), and Jefferson City (41,000) combined.

There are months when we have over 200,000 illegals come in — that we know about. That’s equal to the population of these cities:

In January, we had 157,000 plus pour in and that’s equivalent to the population of the following cities. So far, that’s equivalent to the population of about 12 of these cities, not counting all the gotaways:


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