Canadian Tyrants Shuttering 39 Trucking Businesses Because of a Peaceful Protest


The Hitlerian Ontario Ministry of Transportation shut down 39 trucking businesses following the Freedom Convoy protests.

Truck News and The Post Millennial reported that they are 12 suspension and seizure orders on Ontario large truck businesses and 27 outside the province. None will be allowed to operate in Ontario.

“In an effort to preserve future police investigations into the illegal occupation in Ottawa, the ministry will not release the names of affected businesses at this time,” a ministry spokesperson said.

These trucks only participated in a peaceful protest, but these officials are NWO tyrants who will tolerate no dissension.

24 passenger vehicle plates were also suspended, as well as 34 passenger vehicles from outside the province. A total of 115 vehicles were towed. They will sell them.

Russia treats protesters the same way Trudeau treats them.

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