Biden babbles a lot of meaningless propaganda for 10 minutes


Immediately after it was passed, Biden began his speech boasting about the nearly $2 trillion ‘rescue plan’ that allocates only 9% to COV relief. He emphasized that Americans face too much suffering as he doesn’t open up a thing. The teachers’ unions get a lot of money and they don’t have to open up. It’s bizarre to hear him claim this $1400 will somehow rescue people.

The money is a wasteful package of bailouts and payoffs.

He referred to our Republic as a ‘democracy.’ It’s not a democracy, but they are hoping to make it one.

At one point, at about 23:20, he said the vast majority of economists say we need this globalist mess.

He didn’t take any questions as usual.

Watch the short clip and the full babble (are people okay with this?):

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