Biden Blames Putin for High Gas Prices, Only 11% Are Buying It


Only 11 percent of Americans believe the Biden administration’s narrative that Vladimir Putin is to blame for record high gas prices. The majority of Americans blame Biden’s disastrous energy policies.

A Rasmussen poll finds that 52 percent of respondents think high gas prices are the fault of the president. Most reject the ‘Putin price hike’ excuse.

The survey also found that 80 percent of Republicans blame Biden for the energy crisis, while 54 percent of Independents also say the responsibility lies with Joe Biden.

Joe Biden still thinks he can convince Americans that all the damage he has done is Putin’s fault.

There is no nexus between high gas prices and helping or not helping Ukraine. Yet that is what he wants us to believe in this next clip.


When he’s not blaming Putin for the high prices, he’s blaming mom and pop gas stations.

He blames oil companies for the high prices too.

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11 months ago
So senile little girl fondling Joe is going to suspend 
the $.18 gas tax. Say you have a 20 gallon tank 
and gas is $5.18 a gallon. A fill up will cost you 
$103.60. Now remove the $.18 tax and the fill up 
costs you $100.00. Wow! Senile Joe saved you a 
whopping $3.60. And that is going to make a big 
difference in your monthly commute gas bill? 
C'mon man. This is just another scam to try to get 
votes before the November elections.
Last edited 11 months ago by Sam-I-Am
Ronald Harms
Ronald Harms
11 months ago

11% . . who are these dumb a&& people?

11 months ago

So is the 11% senile like Traitor Joe?