Biden’s Banning Nearly All Nicotine in Cigarettes – No Word on Fentanyl


Biden is set to destroy the legal tobacco industry. It will reportedly promote a new business for drug dealers, experts say.

Biden hopes to destroy the nearly $100 billion U.S. cigarette industry by trying to implement a new FDA rule. The rule would effectively ban nearly all nicotine in cigarettes.

So much for the land of the free. Biden will pass a fiat with an FDA rule.

“The Food and Drug Administration is preparing this month to require lower nicotine content in all cigarettes—a move critics argue will wreck the $75 billion U.S. tobacco industry amid a global economic crisis and boost a black market as crime spikes nationwide. The news comes weeks after the agency announced its plans to ban menthol cigarettes, which will cost federal and local governments an estimated $6.6 billion in the first year alone,” The Free Beacon reports.

“Richard Marianos, a 27-year veteran of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, said these regulations will shift the demand for cigarettes toward unregulated tobacco grown internationally, and is then purchased and sold by drug dealers.

“The problem again with this administration is they do not take into consideration a totality of subject matter experts,” Marianos told the Washington Free Beacon. “I’ve never seen this much foolishness in my life.”

According to The Daily Wire, Tobacco companies have noted that the move could potentially eliminate hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The Washington Post said the “policy would fit with a major goal of the White House — to cut cancer deaths. As part of the White House’s retooled cancer moonshot announced this year.”

The Post added that opponents are likely to argue to “science does not support such a move” and that “slashing nicotine would boost demand for products on the black market.”

Biden is banning vapes too. He might as well destroy everything, although he does seem fine with the drugs pouring across our open borders. Why isn’t he concerned about all that fentanyl killing Americans?

The timing is terrible for farmers as the GDP sinks to zero or below.

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Sick of it All
Sick of it All
1 year ago

That reminds me, where are the Republicans? Crickets…. I’m not a smoker either, but this dictatorial move is going to be an issue for those who are. Vaping too? Give me a break.

Ronald Harms
Ronald Harms
1 year ago

It’s as if this regime is trying to piss off as many people as possible.

Ghost Gun
Ghost Gun
1 year ago

I don’t smoke cigarettes, but believe Americans should have the freedom to smoke if they choose. Where’s all the it’s “my body, my choice” pro-choice pundits shouting and protesting that the gov’t shouldn’t decide what they can do to their bodies. Biden has build back better the Mexican cartels with the illegal fentanyl coming across the border and mass killing Americans.