Biden calls GOP Governors Abbott and Reeves ‘neanderthals’


Joe Biden, our petty despot president, is on the record now opposing the openings of schools and businesses by Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves. The governors also ended the mask mandate.

It’s over a year! Do we now have to wipe out every vestige before we can live again?

The two Republican governors believe Americans can decide without Big Government telling them what to do.

Biden called the governors “neanderthals.” Fortunately for him, the two governors are white.

The governors made the decision based on science and, if the numbers spike, they can easily go back. They are protecting our sanity. The lockdowns are damaging many people, especially children.

No one is stopping anyone from wearing a mask and social distancing. Wash your hands a lot — that’s a great idea. But why do we need a nanny government acting like tyrants?

Someone has to end this. Children are considering suicide and taking drugs at far greater rates. We must begin to end it.

The pandemic is now an epidemic. It’s a good time to test this, especially as more people get vaccinated.




  1. Why does Biden always wear a mask when he’s yards away from the nearest person? Then he keeps touching his mask. It makes him look ridiculous!

  2. Hey Joe: the U.S. Corporation no longer exists, you are not President, and there are no U.S. Citizens, only free Americans. Live free!

  3. Sniffy Pops said this? Bwahaha!
    I have some shampoo for Jo Jo Bidet to sniff on.
    CCP called and said give up those WAR making powers fellow traveler Xi Obiden.
    Congress? They were too busy accepting bribes and punching their tickets to notice how irrelevant they are in the best government that money can buy.
    Enlightened progressive beings stuck on stale failed crap from a 19th century German bum are so clueless.

  4. Let’s get this straight – lyin biden is the dasob responsible for letting covid positive invaders come across our southern border, then those invaders are allowed to spread out all over our country!!

  5. everyoe should watch The Great Course lectures on the Hidden History of your DNA – It states that caucasians in the distant past cross bred with Neanderthals – so Caucasions ergo are or could like be Neanderthal and thanks to the Neanderthals, caucasians have a unique gene that especially AMAZING at fighting viruses! Also blood type O also has something to do with this genetic ancestry and type O people are much less at risk from suffering from viruses. So WoW, illegal fake Corpse in Chief was SPOT ON! about Abbot and Reeves being Neanderthals!

  6. Biden calls Abbot and Reeves ‘Neanderthals’. I would call Biden an incompetent, a fool! and a liar. Believe me I am being nice!

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