Biden calls GOP Governors Abbott and Reeves ‘neanderthals’


Joe Biden, our petty despot president, is on the record now opposing the openings of schools and businesses by Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves. The governors also ended the mask mandate.

It’s over a year! Do we now have to wipe out every vestige before we can live again?

The two Republican governors believe Americans can decide without Big Government telling them what to do.

Biden called the governors “neanderthals.” Fortunately for him, the two governors are white.

The governors made the decision based on science and, if the numbers spike, they can easily go back. They are protecting our sanity. The lockdowns are damaging many people, especially children.

No one is stopping anyone from wearing a mask and social distancing. Wash your hands a lot — that’s a great idea. But why do we need a nanny government acting like tyrants?

Someone has to end this. Children are considering suicide and taking drugs at far greater rates. We must begin to end it.

The pandemic is now an epidemic. It’s a good time to test this, especially as more people get vaccinated.


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