Cuomo makes a fool of himself apologizing near tears while lying


Governor Cuomo is probably responsible for the deaths of thousands of elderly patients. He seeded nursing homes with COV patients. That is what the Sentinel cares about, not the sexual harassment claims. However, that is what he apologized for today with what seemed to be feigned sadness.

We previously posted Cuomo sexual harassment stories and sarcastically mocked the situation with comments about how ‘we must always believe the woman.’ The comments aren’t that bad frankly. They’re rude and the fact that he made suggestive comments — allegedly — to subordinates is not good, joking or not. However, that’s a matter for his place of employment and voters. It’s not criminal.

This apology about the sexual harassment is such BS. He tried to sound like he was about to cry in the beginning. He’s also lying.

Where is the man’s apology for killing the elderly with bad policies? That’s the one I want to hear.

As for these women he upset, it’s not great certainly, but it’s not that terrible either. He’s rude, a bully, and a boor, but he also helped the elderly to their deaths.

He is a liar, an incorrigible liar:



  1. that was such terrible acting he needs to return his Emmy. He stinks needs to be brought up on charges for contributing to over ten thousand deaths of elderly New Yorkers.

  2. Kakistocracy, ineptocracy, Banana Republic, Covidiocracy, The Great Leap Backward.
    Still laughing at the Moe Cuomo meme!
    If only prank calling was still a thing someone could ring up comrade Cuomo and make some Simpsons jokes.
    He could use a Clinton Mulligan and say I never had inappropriate Gropey McFeelertens with that wymyns!
    Shh…don’t tell the clueless CPUSA true believers but they will get the Cuomo treatment once their useful idiot date has passed.
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of commies.

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