Biden Cancels Halloween and His Brain Freezes


Figurehead President Joe Biden and EdD Jill arranged to go to Europe [not the catastrophic border] right at Halloween. He probably asked for the date so the Regime could cancel it. Marxists need to destroy our holidays and fun events so they can bring in communism.

Upon cancellation of White House Halloween events, Joe did say we should all go out and enjoy ourselves. How nice. Meanwhile, he’s sending a message.

“On the evening of October 31, 2021, the north facade of the White House will be illuminated in orange in celebration of Halloween. The President and First Lady will be traveling internationally during the last days of October and will not be hosting a specific event at the White House, First Lady Jill Biden’s press secretary Michael LaRosa said. “The First Family encourages families and children to celebrate Halloween with trick or treating outdoors in their neighborhoods or other outdoor venues.

The G-20 Summit is this weekend and he has a lot of giveaways to present to the European leaders who must laugh at us behind our backs as they suck us dry. President Macron is angry with him so Joe will undoubtedly try to buy him off.

Meanwhile, Biden’s brain is as expected, with no improvements. Biden’s brain froze on live TV as he tried to do math before bizarrely whispering. He’s falsely claiming inflation-ridden welfare programs in his $1.75T bill won’t add a dime to the deficit. And when he whispered like a weird dementia Joe, he told people to pay their fair share. Meanwhile 10% of the wage earners pay more than 40% of federal taxes and more than 47% of the wage earners pay nothing and have no stake in what the federal government does. Watch:

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To Each According to His Stench
To Each According to His Stench
2 years ago

The stench of the fundamental transformation is overwhelming.
Good, good, let the CPUSA own the steaming pile of fruity feckless faculty lounge FAIL.
Keep dreaming of Wakanda, statist utopian comrades, because it won’t ever be happening.
There is some historical debate about the Goebbels quote related to the Big Lie and only being able to keep it up as long as the general populace are shielded from the results, we are reaching the point where there won’t be enough smoke and mirrors to hide West Zimbabwe.