Biden’s Framework: Climate Brownshirts & Right to Steal Private Property


Biden’s framework announced today includes powerful Marxistic [communist] agenda items. It will allow climate brownshirts, fully and richly paid by taxpayers, to bully and extort businesses much like Al Sharpton does through his organization. If businesses don’t subscribe to climate social credits, they will find racial and environmental justice warriors boycotting their businesses.

They will be a Mafia-like mob shaking down businesses. We know this is true because this is what the Left successfully does now.

The framework also allows the figurehead Biden to steal private property that ANY agency of the government deems unacceptable. [Communists and Great Resetters don’t believe in peasants owning private property — just the feudal lords get to own property.]

Think about the private property issue. Any business that doesn’t play ball loses their business – it will be condemned.

The following comes from the non-partisan ‘Taxpayers for American Freedom.’ There is no freedom without money or property.

Dems Call for Green New Deal Youth Patrol

As small businesses struggle to find workers, Democrats want to recruit and deploy 300,000 taxpayer-funded climate activists across the country, an average of 6,000 per state

In today’s reconciliation framework, President Biden and congressional Democrats are calling for the creation of a uniformed “Civilian Climate Corps” tasked with the vague mission of “advancing environmental justice.” The federal program will “recruit, select, fund, and oversee” 300,000 “CorpsMembers” by 2025.

The Civilian Climate Corps will be a make-work program for progressive activists. Members of this Green New Deal Youth Patrol will receive taxpayer-funded housing, food, full health care, childcare, up to $50,000 in university tuition payments and transportation to “work.”

A fact sheet says “Participants, or ‘corpsmembers,’ will receive education and training in coordination with” local green groups.

As Main Street struggles to find workers, Democrats want to recruit and deploy 300,000 activists across the country serving as the government-stamped hall monitors of the Green New Deal.

Perhaps they will knock on your door wielding a clipboard and ask you to turn down your thermostat.

The CCC’s inclusion in the Democrats’ spending package comes after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer — fearful of a primary challenge from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, vowed that he would “work tirelessly to achieve a big and bold Civilian Climate Corps that places justice at the center and urgently addresses our interlocking climate and economic crisis.”

The new plan is modeled off of the Civilian Climate Corps for Jobs and Justice Act introduced in April which sponsors say will “transform our economy.”

In addition, the plan will:

Taxpayer-funded housing, clothing, and feeding of Climate Corps members.

Taxpayers would be responsible for paying the cost of Climate Corps members’ housing, clothing, feeding, allowance, and medical expenses. Nothing screams good-paying jobs like an “allowance” from the government. Here it is straight from the bill’s text:

“The President may provide housing for persons employed in the Civilian Conservation Corps and furnish them with such subsistence, clothing, medical attendance and hospitalization, and cash allowance, as may be necessary, during the period they are so employed.”

Taxpayer-funded transportation to “work” for Climate Corps members.

Not only will the government provide food, clothing, housing, and an allowance, it will also pick up members of the Climate Corps and drive them to work for them.

“The President may provide for the transportation of persons employed in the Civilian Conservation Corps to and from the places of employment.”

Allows President Biden to seize private property through land condemnation.

President Biden would be empowered to seize public land deemed necessary to construct projects authorized under the bill.

“The President, or the head of any department or agency authorized by the President to construct any project or to carry on any public works under this Act, may acquire real property for such project or public work by purchase, donation, condemnation, or otherwise.”

Jobs are prioritized for individuals who have already used up unemployment benefits

According to the text of the legislation, the President shall prioritize “unemployed citizens who have exhausted their entitlement to unemployment compensation,” over other citizens still “eligible for unemployment compensation payable under any State law or Federal unemployment compensation law.”

80 percent of funding used on salaries and benefits

While the Biden administration claims the proposal is about conservation and addressing climate change, the legislation mandates that 80 percent of funding is to be used just on the salaries of staff.

“Not less than 80 percent of the funds utilized pursuant to paragraph (1) must be used to provide for the employment of individuals under this Act.”

‘Let’s Go Brandon’

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