Biden gets confused between Iran & Iraq, whatever, & plays risqué song


Joe Biden mixed up Iran and Iraq again. What would it be like, I wonder, to have a President who doesn’t know the difference between the two countries? Would he send pallets of cash and gold to Iraq, perhaps?

“US Troops died in Iran and Afghanistan,” said Biden at a campaign event honoring America’s veterans, confusing the Islamic Republican of Iran with the invasion of Iraq.

Give this man the nuclear codes, yes!


Biden continued to confuse millions of Americans Tuesday when he told a roundtable in Florida that the country doesn’t “need more fossil fuels” just moments after arriving in the Sunshine State via his private jet.

“Much people only focused on the environmental impact, what that would mean, especially since we don’t need more fossil fuel. What we need is more renewable energy. I can guarantee you if I’m President there will be no off-shore drilling!” said Biden.


He went from his private jet to his gas-guzzling SUV:

And he played a risqué song on his phone, ‘Despacito’, which means ‘extra slowly.’ You can read the words in Spanish and English on this link momi.



  1. Had that bozo not commit so many political atrocities throughout his career, all this would just have been amusing in a movie sidekick sort of way.

    And of course, the fact that he still stands a chance at running the most powerful country in the world makes these tidbits more terrifying than funny.

    But I’m laughing nevertheless. What else can I do?

  2. What he said was he wants a moratorium on offshore drilling so we can continue to fly these missions and train young women and men. Seems like his brain changed lanes while he was checking his notes. Lucky it didn’t crash entirely!

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