Biden has adopted almost all of Bernie Sanders’ socialist/communist platform


Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders formed a unity task force to unite moderate and progressive democrats.  In doing so, Biden has taken a big step to the far-left. They considered climate change, criminal justice reform, education, immigration, health care, and the economy and agree on almost everything.

Some of the wording is copied exactly from Sanders’ presidential campaign. Steve Guest pointed to some of the passages on Twitter.

Biden didn’t adopt the Green New Deal and Single Payer per se. But he accepted everything else on Bernie’s platform, and will still spend trillions on climate and will bring back Obamacare, greatly expanding it at the same time.

They agreed basically to a socialist/communist agenda.

This past week, Joe Biden also said he would “absolutely” defund the police. That’s just to give you an example of how far left he has gone.

Just days after Joe Biden declared that he would “transform” the country if elected, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders predicted Wednesday that Biden could become the “most progressive president” since Franklin D. Roosevelt. [There goes the Bill of Rights and here comes FDR’s socialist bill of rights]

Bernie is elated.



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