Biden Has Stark Warnings for Unvaxxed & New Plans! Merry Christmas, Joe


President Joe Biden has a Christmas present for us. He reportedly plans to make a major speech on Tuesday, which will include an announcement of new COVID-19 measures to address the “new phase of the pandemic” but also “a stark warning” to unvaccinated Americans.

The president’s speech is slated to be “on the status of the country’s fight against COVID-19, as the country sees rising cases amid the growing Omicron variant.” [That would be the mild variant that under ten people in the world who died from it.]

Biden is expected to go beyond the White House’s already-unveiled “Winter Plan” with additional steps to help communities in need of assistance amid the spread of the Omicron variant, a White House official told NBC News on Saturday.

Aides said the Biden administration is “prepared for the rising case levels” and that the president intends to explain how his team “will respond to this challenge.”

According to the NBC News source, Biden will also issue “a stark warning of what the winter will look like for Americans that choose to remain unvaccinated.”

He’s a totalitarian idiot who doesn’t know up from down and we are supposed to take anything he says seriously? He works closely with partisan doctors who lie and drive hysteria.

Shouldn’t Biden quit now that he killed more people than Trump?

Biden has already ordered 85 million people in private companies to get vaxxed. The appeals court stuck with Biden on this mandate but it will go to the Supreme Court, which we cannot trust.

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