Biden heckled as he’s trashing the Right [Justice?]


Joe Biden was in the middle of a fundraiser for Terry McCauliffe, who is campaigning to be Virginia governor when a heckler began shouting at the president.

Biden was railing against conservatives, Fox News, and Republican governors when he was interrupted by a member of the audience.

“And by the way, you know that old expression?” he rambled. “You know, there’s a lot of our very conservative friends that have finally had an alder call? They’ve seen the Lord!”

“Whether it’s on Fox News, or whether it’s the most conservative commentators, or governors,” he continued. “Thank God, the governor of Arkansas, excuse me, of Alabama, has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country…”

“It’s now…” Biden stammered as shouts began in the audience.

“Stop Line 3!” a protester began yelling in reference to a pipeline project in Enbridge.

“That’s OK, that’s alright… let him talk,” Biden responded as the crowd began raucously shouting at the heckler.

“Look, it’s not a Trump rally, let him holler, no one’s paying attention,” he added.


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Skid Marx
Skid Marx
1 year ago

O/T-QanonShaman has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and will agree to a plea deal in the dastardly horny Viking coup insurrection putsch, a day that will live in infamy for all 1000 years of the glorious Wokekanda.
These hairy smirking vandals attempted to overthrow the sacred temple of democracy and usurp the government’s power with twist ties, selfies and horns.
The profane have no business anywhere near the imperial capitol, vaccine papers please, comrade.
A triangle with a U in it for unvaccinated, this symbol was used in NSDAP concentration camps which also housed political prisoners, gypsies, socialists/communists, homosexuals, the work shy, mentally ill or any other enemy of the regime.

Jonestown Democracy
Jonestown Democracy
1 year ago

The most popular preezy of the steezy evarz acts as if he doesn’t like comrades outside of the DC/Boston/NYC axis. Come on man, you know the unity thing.
Let Joe Joe prattle, no one’s paying attention.

O/T-diverse cultural enrichment! A rowdy mariachi band shindig by the replacements as they celebrate their victory and all of this in the local “exclusive” and “the place to live” hood and it was…40 years ago.
Meanwhile house for sale signs are springing up like mushrooms and in the same hood some street lamps have fallen over and a stop sign is down but that is probably for wall decorations later…if they have the tool for the screws with no heads.
I don’t recall getting a vote on the replacements in the precious democracy do you?