Trump’s powerful speech in Arizona



This is a Powerful speech by President Trump in Arizona at a Trump student’s rally. The only major network covering his speech was Newsmax.

“We are dedicated to proudly upholding our Judeo-Christian values of our nation’s founding.”

“We embrace free thought, we stand up to political correctness…and we reject the intolerance of left-wing cancel culture.”

Democrats on Twitter are upset with the speech and claim it is misogynistic and patriarchal among other ridiculous comments. Are they truly that happy with cratering jobs, inflation, and wild spending, increasing crime, and hatemongering based on irrelevant characteristics like skin color?




  1. Here is the clarion call from the Great Arizonan Barry Goldwater that resounded throughout the Cow Palace in 1964. Never forget it. “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.” Let Goldwater’s words be our guide in the battle to save America in 2021.

  2. I was disappointed there was no mention of Ashli Babbett or all the Political Prisoners in DC gulag by the New Stasi. He’s met with Jason Miller and Kevin McCarthy recently and is this Why he’s being mute on the subject. This is a Big issue with many and those people may become disillusioned with Trump if he’s seen as only looking out for himself and the lost election. It’s not like Trump isn’t capable of many avenues at the same time, unlike most politicians.

    • President Trump is smart enough to pick his battles and keep his powder dry. His still has to rid the Party of RINO’s and the Old Guard in the 2022 Elections.

      • By 2022 it will be too late for those who aren’t scheduled for trial until next year and will likely serve triple the time more than the typical sentence.

  3. Democrats are all about turning America in a SLAVE State with the Peasants totally dependent on Government. President Trump was about jobs and Freedom, making the Government dependent on and a servant of the People again. It’s a Simple Choice, but I guess half the adults in America still have the mind of teenager and need Daddy to take care of them.

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