Biden Is Possibly Rebuilding the Judiciary with People Who Hate Us


According to a recent study, Biden appointed 97 Federal judges. Five are white. Of the five, two are gay.

Some people believe that the Biden administration is doing to the judiciary what he has done to the FBI, DOJ, IRS, Pentagon, DHS, Education Department, et cetera. The administration is ensuring that whoever is at the highest levels is not a white male. They are installing people who possibly hate us and who will legislate from the bench to rebuild this government. And it’s not about building back better.

You have seen what happens in Manhattan, DC, and other big city courts. Expect to see that in every federal court. Justice will not be blind if Progressive Democrats have their way.

He’s even nominating Southern Poverty Law Center attorneys to the bench. SPLC is an anti-Christian hate group.

Education (CRT and 1619) is particularly pernicious. The curricula Democrats are pushing is anti-white and anti-American. This is as they illegally import millions of non-whites from around the world. Their children will attend school and learn this anti-America, anti-white ideology.

The progressive Democrat administration infuses anti-white racism into every aspect of government with Marxist CRT. It remakes the American government into a systemically racist system.

This one study of the judiciary appears to show intent.


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