Biden is weaponizing the DoJ against Red States


Despite his promises not to weaponize the DoJ, Joe Biden is doing exactly that. Biden’s DoJ is suing Georgia over its perfectly appropriate voter integrity law. He doesn’t like voter ID.  The DoJ is also suing Texas for The Heartbeat Act, claiming it’s unconstitutional to stop killing babies in the womb.

Biden said many times on the campaign trail that he would “not direct [DoJ] who to prosecute, what to prosecute, how to prosecute.” He claimed the DoJ would be “totally independent” of him. That is not what is happening.

Joe Biden is behaving like a communist. We must conclude he is a neo-communist.

This fake Catholic wants us to pay for the killing of fully developed babies in the womb. He’s a liar and he’s evil.

Murdering a human life is evil.

Biden is weaponizing the DoJ under the corrupt Merrick Garland to pursue a hardcore leftist agenda.

Experts decry the move.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told Fox News that it is “shameful” that Biden broke his campaign promise to keep DOJ non-political.

“It is shameful that Biden has broken countless campaign promises, however, I’m not surprised. He is a danger to our country and is responsible for crises after crises – the border, Afghanistan, the economy, and more to come. This won’t deter me from fighting for our freedoms and the law,” said Paxton.

The attorney general for Montana, Austin Knudsen, said Biden’s “weaponization” of federal agencies is wrong and will make Americans more skeptical of government.

“President Biden’s weaponization of federal agencies against the interests of states is wrong and will only serve to sow more skepticism of the federal government. Whether it’s trying to force masks on kids in schools or trying to overturn state laws enacted by duly elected state legislatures, it’s wrong,” said Knudsen in a statement to Fox News.

“As Montanans’ attorney general, I will continue to fight alongside other attorneys general to fight the Biden administration’s meddling in our states’ affairs,” said Knudsen, who is leading multiple lawsuits against the president ranging from energy to immigration.



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1 year ago

The “red” states need to enforce the 10th Amendment. Simple as that. If need be, form a coalition of states and fight this obvious overreach by the feds via the courts, to start with, then move on to whatever comes next to stop the feds actions.
The mandate attempting to force the faux vaccines into citizen’s bodies is in direct violation to the Constitution. The feds can attempt to do that, but they are on very soft ground, and they know it.
The debacle which is the current administration cannot and should not prevail. My thought is that they are trying to get out in front of the release of the info found in the ’20 election audit of AZ. And to stop the audits in the other battleground states before they can get traction. The left is hoping for a general resistance to all the mandates the feds are planning for the near future, so they can declare martial law and begin the roundup of the patriots. Similar to what they have been doing to the participants fo the Jan. 6th faux “insurrection”. That may be the tipping point for the 2nd revolution. It is my humble opinion that they are scared and, thus, capable of just about anything to stay in power and control of this nation.
Just sayin’.

1 year ago

Communists will hang for their treason…

1 year ago

Traitor Joe’s goal is to push people into Rebellion so the Federal Government can declare Martial Law and never allow an election again. Traitor Joe has even indicated he will use the Military to be a National Police Force. What does it mean that if a Governor doesn’t comply, Traitor Joe will get them out of the way? This is a Declaration of War against the States. Traitor Joe is doing all he can to start a Civil War. The 2020 Election was clearly a Coup. It’s time for the States to unite. Call an Article 5 Convention. If the Federal Government Communist get in the way, then the Federal Government Communist need an attitude adjustment.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

It’s all so predictable. The 4 years of Sessions/Barr were also horrible years for justice. The USA had a narrow window to correct course, instead, 2 criminals ran the DOJ, enabling the election coup. The coup is the problem. The coup will remain the problem.