Don’t be evil Zuckerberg & take your X-Ray bans with you


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled his new X-Ray Ban glasses because people aren’t addicted to the devices enough yet. Think of all the indoctrination possibilities and all the butting into other peoples’ business we can do. It lets you record people, and take photos from your eyeglasses.

We can all be drones too!

Ray-Ban (a division of Essilor Luxottica), the famous glasses manufacturer has teamed up with the social networking giant FB to develop Facebook’s first-ever publicly available set of smart glasses. The product is scheduled for release sometime next year or even this holiday season.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement during Facebook Connect, the company’s annual conference for augmented reality and virtual reality developments, by way of their Oculus division.

The glasses are still in development, so specific details are sparse. One thing we do know is that the Facebook–Ray Ban glasses will not utilize augmented reality technology, but they’re “on the road there,” Zuckerberg said during the keynote.

Augmented reality, often abbreviated to “AR,” is the technology that accurately places digital objects or markers into your live view.

Uh, no thanks!


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