Biden Malfunctioned in Between Giving Billions to Africa


Biden’s giving an astounding amount of money to Africa at the the U.S.-Africa Business Forum as if there was no limit to our funds. @RNCResearch posted clips of him losing it during the speech, which was sometimes unintelligible.

He said he’s giving Africa $55 billion for Agenda 2063. South Africa gets $8 billion of our tax dollars to shut down coal plants. Angola gets $2 billion.

At one point, Biden said he was giving away $350 billion, but then we heard it was actually $350 million.

We’re sending money everywhere. These are just two of the monetary gifts he’s giving foreign countries. America could do so well if he weren’t obsessed with sending so much money overseas.

Money flows like water everywhere but here. Tom Elliott of Grabien has a great supercut:
Biden spoke with African leaders, apologizing for us. He also malfunctioned repeatedly. @RNC Research chronicled his malfunction.
What’s this? The poor stay too long?


He doesn’t know what he’s saying. Glovid-19?

He completely fell apart here.

We think he wanted to tell the audience about the deals he made, but who knows?

The good news doesn’t end there. We’re giving billions more to Ukraine. If only we could spend it on our country.

Democrats plan to put nearly $38 billion in the Omnibus bill for Ukraine. It has bipartisan support. J

“I expect an omnibus will contain priorities both sides want to see passed into law, including more funding for Ukraine and the Electoral Count Act, which my colleagues in the Rules Committee have done great work on. It will be great to get that done,” Schumer said.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) stood up on the floor after Schumer spoke on Tuesday to endorse more funding for Ukraine.

Senate negotiators haven’t confirmed what amount of funding for Ukraine will be included in the omnibus. The Biden administration last month requested an additional $37.7 billion to Ukraine to continue military and economic support.

The  $38 billion is on top of the $68 billion we’ve already given. That comes to $100 billion.

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11 months ago

Exactly who in the Congress is approving this? The need to be run out of Office on a rail.