Boehner Cried, Honored Pelosi, Chatted Up His Dem Daughters


Former House Speaker John Boehner, currently a pot salesman, cried today while paying tribute to Speaker Pelosi. He also talked about how his daughters are Democrats. This is a good example of our Republican uniparty leadership. He tears up easily, but this was for Nancy Pelosi!

He made his comments at the unveiling of Speaker Pelosi’s portrait.

John Boehner tears up.

“You’ve been incredibly effective as the leader of your caucus. The younger generation today has a saying: ‘Game recognizes game.’ The fact of the matter is no other speaker of the House in the modern era — Republican or Democrat — has wielded the gavel with such authority or with such consistent results,” Boehner said, calling Pelosi “one tough cookie.”

“My girls told me, ‘Tell the speaker how much we admire her,'” Boehner said, choking back tears as he spoke. “As if you couldn’t tell, my girls are Democrats,” he said to laughs at the ceremony in the Capitol.

Pelosi teased him about his tearing up and then thanked him. She said that she was “honored” by his presence and joked, “I would have been a little disappointed if he did not get emotional.”


During the Tea Party Revolution of 2010, conservatives warned Republicans about John Boehner, but no one listened.

Now we have Kevin McCarthy, who funded candidates running against conservatives in the primary.

Two weeks ago, moderates threatened to select a Democrat as Speaker, not that they would. Now they’re threatening to strip conservatives of their committee chairs. They want McCarthy, who has shown himself to be unreliable and untruthful.

It would be nice if we could get a reliable conservative in the seat, but there aren’t enough conservatives.

Currently, Rep. McCarthy is saying the right things. The stakes are high, and I don’t know the answer.

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