Biden Might Have Damaged Relations with India


While we are all focused on Ukraine, Biden’s do-nothing right foreign relations policies are causing damage elsewhere, including in India.


There are some indications that India is very angry over the AUKUS deal between Australia, the UK, and the US. It gives nuclear technology to Australia to build nuclear submarines, but India was left out even though they are part of the Quad – India, Australia, US, and the UK. India sees it as a preference for the Anglos.

AUKUS is a submarine, trilateral security alliance between the United States, UK, and Australia. It was formed to counter China in the Indo-Pacific.

India was left out of the pact last September between the US, UK, and Australia (AUKUS). It provided at least eight nuclear-powered submarines. The agreement gives Australia nuclear technology to build nuclear submarines that India has not been given.

India is sympathetic to the damage it caused France, a country that relied on the sub deal with Australia for its Navy. However, India also says it’s happy for Australia. While they are glad it strengthens the Indo-Pacific against China, they are not happy it intrudes on their dominance of the region.

India is concerned there will eventually be crowding of nuclear attack submarines in the Eastern Indian Ocean, eroding India’s regional pre-eminence.

No Help from the US

An Indian plan to develop a fleet of nuclear attack submarines has elicited no offer of help from the U.S. Yet, the US does not share its prized nuclear submarine technology with even its closest allies — all except Australia, evidently.

The agreement suggests preferential treatment on the part of Washington for a close Anglo-alliance partner.

While it has rarely received any submarine technology from the U.S., New Delhi has accepted American discretion on the matter. India has instead relied on Russia for nuclear submarine technology. Following the deepening of Quad ties, some in India were hopeful that the U.S. would consider providing the Indian Navy with nuclear submarine propulsion technology.

The deal with Australia is allegedly a one-time deal.

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