Biden now running against AMERICA



Have you seen Joe Biden’s new ad? It is nothing short of an absolute national insult.

This (former VP now asking to be president) is running AGAINST America and the very principles this country was founded upon.

“Our country was founded on an idea, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal’ … we never lived up to it.”

Nice, Joe … did Xi Jinping help you write this one?

Well, at least this time, and with the help of a teleprompter, Joe got it right. The last time Biden  piously attempted this,  one of the most famous quotes of our founding documents, he fumbled badly with, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, All men and women created by – go you know, you know, The Thing.” That “thing,” Joe, is our Declaration of Independence.

Biden goes on to denigrate Thomas Jefferson and “200 years of systemic racism.”  Of course, neither he nor any other from the Left will EVER admit, slavery BELONGED to DEMOCRATS as did segregation, Jim Crowe Laws, and all the horrors that accompanied it.  Nor will any mention, it was REPUBLICANS, thousands of them, who gave their lives to end slavery.

Democrats, the MSM like to suggest there was at some point, a flipping of the script.  THAT never happened.  The only real switch was the DNC, who fought so hard against Civil Rights in America, changing how they enslave.  Their plantations with physical bondage were transformed into their “New Plantation” of psychological and economic bondage.  Every major city under long term Democrat control is testimony to that.

“Everywhere around the world, They’re Coming to America.”

America is such a terrible place. People from all over the world go to incredible lengths trying their might to come here, live here, avail themselves of opportunities they could find in no other land.

Barack Obama’s take was, “you didn’t build that.”  Biden has taken that one step further to, “we didn’t live up to it.”  Well, Joe, maybe you didn’t, but, from the days of our Founders to today, America was built by the sweat of the brow of tough but fair-minded millions.  And there have been many times when our country, America, bore the weight of the world on our shoulders, and we prevailed by sheer will and grit.

Every time America has been called upon during the darkest days of humanity, we have answered that call at the expense of our own blood and treasure.  Those who fail to recognize this do not deserve America’s many bounties.

This is the ultimate slap in the face to every man and woman who has ever served in our military.  More than 3 MILLION men and women, casualties of war to preserve our Constitutional Republic as well as the dignity and freedom of foreign places.

So yes, maybe Joe Biden “never lived up to” to America’s dreams and promises, but many generations of many millions have and still do.


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