Trump won & Biden’s going to destroy the oil & gas industry


Biden spoke in generalities and relied on talking points during the debate. One of my favorite Biden comments came at the end, so let’s start with that.

Biden is going to destroy the oil and gas industry. President Trump had a good response, asking Texas and other states if they were listening. Biden came back and said his comment was taken out of context. It was not. It’s exactly what he said. Biden is going to destroy fracking, too, although he lied about fracking during the debate.

And no fracking too:

The former vice president blamed unemployment, school closures, and deaths on Trump but never explained how he would have stopped the virus.

Biden did his childish Hitler thingy at one point.

The former vice president pulled the “Russian disinformation” lie, and anyone with a three-digit IQ knows it is untrue. Biden said that Rudy Giuliani (he couldn’t pronounce his name) is being fed information from Russia about Biden. The DNI and the FBI already dispelled that lie.

Trump scored points saying all Biden supporters support shutdowns pointing to Democratic governors, like New York. It is devastating. New York City is a ghost town. The total lockdowns don’t work.

Biden was very dishonest on the COVID issue. When pressed, he did admit he basically didn’t have a plan.

“People are learning to die with it,” Biden said. His demagoguery on a virus that has hit the whole world is shameless emotional manipulation.

Biden has a COVID plan rooted in endless shutdowns, and it is completely absurd and dishonest. Trump slammed him on this.

Biden’s COVID plan is masks everywhere all the time. Masks masks masks. Months ago, it was tests, tests, tests. Now Biden wants lockdowns that have not worked in stopping the virus. Biden has no idea how to stop this virus and has been wrong at every stage. Trump made that point.

Trump answered the question of the China bank account well. It was nothing and went nowhere. He kept hitting Biden about the corruption between him and his son, but Kristen Welker cut the President off every time he brought it up.

Trump scored on Biden taking money under the table from foreign governments.

Ms. Welker cut Trump off every time he tried to talk about the printed emails in the New York Post.

Biden had no idea how to answer the question about what he would do to hold China accountable.

One massive lie of the night: Biden said that nobody lost their plan under Obamacare. That is one of his bigger lies. Everyone knows it was a lie, but the media will let him get away with it. About 180 million people would eventually lose their healthcare if it had continued unabated. Six million had lost it.

And why is the ACB confirmation a referendum on healthcare, according to Welker? She is clueless about what the SCOTUS is supposed to be doing.

Biden touted the “Heroes’ Act,” which is an insane sop to far-left groups.

The cliches poured out of Biden’s mouth. “I don’t see red states and blue states.” That is BS. Dems will promptly bail out all the badly run, high tax, high crime Dem states, and red states will pay for it.

Welker talked about minimum wage, which should be a state issue. She also wasted time on North Korea, which is not a problem right now.

Trump scored points on what he has done for African Americans. That was great. He ran down the list of things he has down.

Why isn’t Joe Biden being asked about riots in American cities all summer long? We all know why. It was his base doing the rioting, looting, and attacking the police.

Welker was asking normal neutral questions at first and then started with the liberal nonsense and the wokeness to help out Joe.

Biden lied about asylum seekers. “Asylum seekers” did not always show up for their hearings. Large numbers of them did not. And many of them showed up at the border, after paying off cartels to traffic them, with clearly rehearsed lines about how they were “fleeing violence.”

His “path to citizenship” is a nice way of saying amnesty for all.

Of course, the only question on immigration is about “kids in cages” and not “hey, Joe Biden, are you going to grant amnesty to tens of millions of illegals?”

Trump handled it well, asking him over and over who built the cages.

Biden was old, angry, bitter, and tired. Remarkable that this is really the best the Democrats have this time around.

Biden, at one point, lost his ability to complete sentences. He had a thought mid-sentence and veered off.

No one does go to prison for “having a drug problem.” (Unless the problem is “dealing” or “armed robbery),” but Joe is pushing that lie.

Welker asked the “why are you racist?” question of Trump.

Climate extremism came up.

People don’t care about this climate extremism. Climate change is very important to lib journalists and academics, so it has to come up in every debate, even though normal well-adjusted people don’t care. Even the libs who tell you they care only say it to be politically correct.

When asked why he didn’t do all those things he promised in eight years as vice president, he said they didn’t have the Congress. However, Democrats didn’t lose the House until 2010 and the Senate in 2014.

We think Donald Trump won too.

The media is ganging up, claiming Trump lost to Biden.

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