Biden order: Federal taxpayers must pay for Cali’s homeless


A Biden Executive action will force federal taxpayers to pay for California’s homeless population. Federal taxpayers will be forced to pay for the mistakes of the state and city leaders. They made terrible decisions by throwing money at the problem and not dealing with the core issues.

These blue states that have spent wildly and decadently will get federal tax dollars for their fecklessness. The homeless issue is just one problem. The Left is nationalizing all of its socialist policies.

They spent one million dollars per person in San Francisco and did not solve one problem. Officials are encouraging more homelessness with handouts that don’t address the issues. Handouts don’t fix people who are drug addicts, mentally ill, criminals, and people without jobs, and so on.


San Francisco hotels used to house homeless people may be fully funded by the federal government this year, thanks to an executive order signed by President Joe Biden signed last Thursday.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco, which has one of the highest homeless populations in the nation, spends between $15 million to $18 million per month to house more than 2,200 people in about 25 hotels.

That is a waste of money that doesn’t help these people recover.

The report cited data from the California Budget and Policy Center, which showed that between 2006 and 2018, income for the state’s top 5% of households grew nearly 20%, while income for households in the bottom 20% fell by 20%.

Approximately during that time, homeless in California increased by more than 22%, according to data from the Homelessness Policy Research Institute.

Socialism destroys the middle class, leaving rich and poor. Blue state socialist policies are a disaster, and now people in Nebraska and Oklahoma have to pay for them.

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