Leftists want officers fired who only attended the Trump rally



As I listened to CBS WINS in NY this morning, I heard a man say that any police officer who was at the rally on January 6th should not be allowed to be a police officer. In other words, the police officers cannot attend an unapproved rally.

Apparently, some think the police have no right to free speech.

It was a peaceful rally with a large group of radicals, perhaps as many as 200, who stormed the Capitol. The hundreds of thousands or more of people who didn’t riot were just normal Americans.

That fact is ignored and the public is being fed misinformation thanks to the people who went rogue and stormed the Capitol.


According to The Baltimore Sun yesterday, in an article titled, Police departments across the US are scrutinizing the actions of officers at Trump rally, officers who just went to the rally should be fired or silenced

Depicting All GOP Protesters as Militant White Nationalists

From the article: But what about those officers who attended only the Trump rally before the riot? How does a department balance an officer’s free speech rights with the blow to public trust that comes from the attendance of law enforcement at an event with far-right militants and white nationalists who went on to assault the seat of American democracy?

The rally was not a far-right, white nationalist rally. That is a complete lie. The Left makes everything the Right does about race to destroy the Right. The rally had nothing to do with race.

Guilt by Association

The article states that 31 officers from 12 states attended. It continued: Most of the officers have not been publicly identified; only a few have been charged. Some were identified by online sleuths. Others were reported by their colleagues or turned themselves in.

The sleuths online are the Stalinists who want to destroy people they disagree with. They are otherwise euphemistically known as the ‘cancel culture.’

The Left also encourages cops to turn in their colleagues. It’s like pre-war Germany.

One defense lawyer was quoted in the piece who said it was “free speech” and they shouldn’t be “guilty by association.”

The newspaper included two comments by naysayers like Ayesha Bell Hardaway, a professor at Case Western Reserve University law school, who said an officer’s presence at the rally creates a credibility issue with people of color.

They don’t trust you if you disagree with the hard-left agenda?

It’s also clear from the alleged ‘news’ article that police departments are looking to fire or at least silence officers only for attending the rally.

The rally was always meant to be peaceful and patriotic and it was for the most part. But attendees were people who are normally silent Trump voters. They could be dangerous to the communist movement of the Left. They want them stopped, along with free speech.

What really appalls the left is seeing all the people they hate at their Capitol. They hate the sight of us and they can smell us in Walmart. This is about taking free speech away from these hated objects.

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