Biden Regime Has a Bizarre Plan to Resolve Soaring Gas Prices


As gas prices and fuel bills skyrocket, Joe Biden has a solution. Since the soaring energy prices are totally his fault, you would think he’d reverse course.

As he moves to reach his goal of rapidly eliminating fossil fuels, you might expect he would restore the Keystone XL Pipeline or perhaps allow domestic production on federal lands that the feds shouldn’t own in the first place. No, that’s not what he came up with.

Perhaps he might stop telling investors to not invest in fossil fuels. No, he won’t do that either.

Do you think he will lower taxes on gas? Umm…no. Relieve devastating regulations on our energy sector which are meant to destroy it? Seriously? No!

Will he rethink his plan to eliminate fossil fuels with little to replace them? What do you think?

His solution is as imbecilic as one might expect from Joe and his puppet masters. He will beg vicious 7th-century thugs to send us more of their fuel which is produced in the dirtiest way possible.

China and Russia will win on the energy front, and they too are huge polluters.

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