Demonic Dr. Fauci Funds Research That Could “Threaten Civilization”


Lying snake Dr. Anthony Fauci told us for a year that he never engaged in the gain of function research. Since then, the NIH admitted they funded it. Fauci plays word games to avoid accountability.

The “research can threaten civilization,” Rep. Paul says.

Dr. Paul has asked for Democrats to hold a hearing on this type of research and they won’t do it.

Currently, Wuhan is still engaging in this type of research with diseases that have a 50% mortality rate. At this time, they are putting together viruses they know nothing about and that don’t exist in nature. It’s insane.

He is still funding Wuhan and says this research should continue. The research in Wuhan is guided by Chinese communists and the Chinese military who look to bioweapons.

The dog and monkey killer is willing to kill human beings as well.


Dr. Steven Quay said it’s even worse than that:


Former FDA head and current Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb reacted to revelations regarding the funding of dangerous gain of function research by Anthony Fauci.

Gottlieb made mention of the fact that an accident could happen in the Chinese labs. The lab was sketchy from the beginning.

He said that NIH and NIAID also funded research of MERS-like coronaviruses in Wuhan, and is still funding the CCP through 2025. MERS is even more dangerous with a 50% mortality rate. That came as a surprise to him as did the fact that coronavirus research was conducted in other institutes in Wuhan.

Gottlieb said Intercept documents revealed that viruses were made more deadly to humans in several labs, even a mere level 3 biocontainment facility.


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2 years ago

Fauci should be tried for his crimes and once convicted hung for Treason and Crimes against Humanity. What was that moron thinking teaching the Chinese how to make better Bio Weapons? If you’re doing anything with the Chinese, they are stealing your technology and that is no big secret!