Biden Regime Promises to Continue Crushing Our Energy Industry


Globalist Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will say whatever it takes to further the climate ideology and The Great Reset. That was evident in her recent interview on CNBC when she made clear that nothing will deter the administration from its mission to destroy our oil and gas industries.

Even though it’s clear that we need to unleash our energy, the administration will not do it. In fact, despite all logic, the administration is determined to use the Ukraine war to further climate extremism.

Her answer, the regime’s answer, to the energy crisis — that they are manufacturing — is to move more rapidly to windmills and solar.

In the interview below, she pushed for ESG, the Great Reset’s Marxist plan for social credits for corporations.

Yellen was also “heartened to see the SEC proposal.” The SEC proposal requires publicly traded companies to disclose emissions data and risks posed by climate change. It’s aimed at destroying the fossil fuel industry quickly.

There will be no changes to their destructive economic policies no matter how bad things get.

Meanwhile, India, China, Russia will continue to build up their fossil fuel energy sectors and their economies will flourish as ours disintegrates. The regime doesn’t care. They’re globalists managing our decline.


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