Biden-Sanders plan for America compared to 1936 Soviet constitution


Mark Levin’s monologues on his show, Life, Liberty, and Levin are very important. He is a very strong advocate for our Constitution — our rule of law. Last night on his show, he pulled the alarm on what will happen — what Democrats say will happen — if they win the Senate.

Their ‘great’ ideas lure people into the web of full state control over every aspect of our lives.

Levin asks in the segment below, where did they get the idea to run on “policies that are impracticable and impossible but they sound great?”

He pulled out the Soviet — Stalin’s — constitution of 1936 to draw the obvious comparisons to the Sanders-Biden plan for America. You could take Hitler’s, Mao’s, Maduro’s, Castro’s and find the same comparisons.

Levin listed some of the promises in the Soviet Constitution (which never happened but the State gained full control over everyone’s lives):
  • Right to work with payment in accordance with its quantity and quality – no unemployment.
  • Right to rest and leisure [family leave]
  • Maintenance in old age and sickness, and health resorts — free healthcare at state expense.
  • Right to free universal education, including higher education in their native language, and vocational training.
  • Women’s right to work with free leave for pre-maternity, maternity, free child care, and so on.
  • Equality of citizens and no racism — says the genocidal machine of Stalin.
  • Freedom of religion and separation of church and state (except they destroyed churches and religion since it interfered with state dominance).
  • Free speech, free press, freedom of assembly and meetings, and street demonstrations.
  • Civil rights will get printing presses, supplies, all they need.
  • The right to unite, trade unions, and so on.
  • No person may be arrested without all kinds of protections.
  • All property in homes is protected.

None of that happened in the Soviet Union. The Biden-Sanders document is Soviet-lite and makes every aspect of our lives under their control through taxation and regulation.

Both of those documents are kept at bay only by our constitution, but Democrats plan to eliminate the Senate with the end of the filibuster, end the Electoral College, destroy the electoral system, stack the Court (the only body in government that protects individual rights), and destroy some or all of the Bill of Rights. Once they do all that, our  Constitution will be most like the Soviet Constitution.


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Trotsky's Icepick
Trotsky's Icepick
3 years ago

Stalin laughed at any constitution just like Hitler laughed at peace treaties.
They also had elections in the USSR with 100% turnout and this was decades before Dominion.
One of my favorite cartoons by UK cartoonist David Low shows Hitler and Stalin greeting each other over the corpse of Poland, Adolf says…the scum of the earth, I believe, Stalin replies…the bloody assassin of the workers, I presume.
Another one shows them marching in shared threadbare boots with hands on pistols warily eyeing each other also after the destruction of Poland.
A return to Stalinism is only possible on a dumbed down population who believe that history began with their birth or first participation trophy.
Mentally stunted infantile people are OK with mommygov hovering over them like a benevolent helicopter.
They won’t even notice the malevolent part as it only happens to deplorable kulak untermenschen…at first.