Biden Says Climate Change Is Like Nuclear War, That’s Ridiculous


President Biden participated in a second reception for the Democratic National Committee in Las Vegas, Nevada, this week. He urged attendees to take climate change more seriously.  He compared climate change to nuclear war and said the Colorado River would dry up. I always go to Joe for my science information (sarcasm).

“You’re not going to be able to drink out of the Colorado River,” Biden said to a crowd of about 60 people. He also likened climate change to nuclear war as a “truly existential threat” facing the country.

“Not a joke,” the president added.

He continued: “This is serious stuff. It’s the single most dire consequence. If we don’t keep it below 1.5 degrees Celsius, not go above that, we’re going to damn our children to circumstances where we are the only, truly existential threat of nuclear war.”

This is ridiculous. And this is what is leading our nation? Are you terrified yet?

Go to him for your economic advice too.

Biden wants to spend another $7 trillion and drive up inflation. It’s his build back better budget.

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