Biden sees need for an ‘investigation’ of Cuomo accusers — to see if they’re telling the truth


Biden spoke to ABC about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and it was not an always believe the woman mantra as we heard during the Kavanaugh hearing. We’ve been led to believe Biden and Cuomo represent the pro-woman party that always believes the woman.

Biden gave an exclusive interview to ABC News’ and Clinton apparatchik George Stephanopoulos in which he told Stephanopoulos we need an investigation to see if the women are telling the truth, and that is happening now.


“I know you said you want the investigation to continue…if the investigation confirms the claims of the women, should he resign?” Stephanopoulos asked Biden. Neither the media nor President Biden himself is demanding a resignation or hinting at believing the female until they put her through an invasive investigation for an incident in which no one else was present.

Biden answered “yes.” But added, “there should be an investigation to determine whether what she says is true.” That was after Stephanopoulos noted other prominent Democrats want Cuomo to resign.

An investigation? It sounds a bit threatening. Why not just concentrate on the nursing home deaths? That easily lends itself to facts.

We were told we always have to believe the woman. Biden himself said that.

“Senator Schumer, Senator Gillibrand, the majority of the congressional delegation don’t think he can be an effective governor right now” stated Stephanopoulos. “Can he serve effectively?” He asked. “Well, that’s a judgment for them to make” stated the President.

Biden continues to say a lot without saying much at all. “A woman should be presumed telling the truth and should not be scapegoated and become victimized by her coming forward,” Biden said. “Takes a lot of courage to come forward. So, the presumption is that they should be taken seriously. And it should be investigated. And that’s what’s underway now.”

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