Biden Seriously Looking at Forcing Taxpayers to Pay Off All Student Loans


Joe Biden is still giving serious consideration to forgiving some or all federal student loans. While doing so, he will not do anything to remedy the problem so this will keep happening. Biden is doing it to get votes for Democrats.

The $1.7 trillion that is collectively owed by Americans has not been paid down since the pandemic began. That’s because the Biden administration paused federal student loans.

“Not a single person in this country has paid a dime on federal student loans since the president took office,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said at Monday’s press briefing, referring to the suspension of interest on the debt.

She went on to say that President Joe Biden “would make a decision about any cancellation of student debt before the conclusion of that pause on student loans.”

It would be better to look at the causes of high tuition and debt. We could name a few: free government money, ridiculous programs that won’t lead to jobs, overpaid staff and administrators, and college offerings that are extravagant or have nothing to do with a college education. That’s just to name a handful.

Roughly a quarter of all borrowers are in delinquency or default. The relief program has been in effect for two years and is scheduled to expire on August 31st.

J.D. Vance writes: Forgiving student debt is a massive windfall to the rich, to the college-educated, and most of all to the corrupt university administrators of America. No bailouts for a corrupt system. Republicans must fight this with every ounce of our energy and power.

It’s not a plan to pay off debt. It’s a plan to redistribute the debt.

Ben Shapiro commented: So in the last 24 hours, Democrats have suggested the following economic policies: 1. Relieving student loan debt; 2. Radically increasing taxes. Deliberate stagflation is a fascinating strategy going into 2022.

Senator Cotton summed up the issue well:

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1 year ago

Joe Biden never did a thing for anyone nor anything which benefits anyone, doing much more for himself and lowlife family which he also skrewed. Taking for himself much more than he ever gave out, those unsuspecting ‘students’ will pay dearly in their taxes and high vig-penalties where their loans are concerned. Add the long-established fact that Joe Biden is a known chronic compulsive liar, as his history and reputation glaringly dictates. His “promises” are all bogus lies.

1 year ago

Democrats are going to try and buy young people who wasted time in College being indoctrinated. Another one and a half or two Trillion will just ensure a Depression. Recession is already on the way and there ain’t a damn thing we can do about it. We had a chance to stop the Democrat Election Steal of 2020, but RINOs just stood by and watched.