Biden Sneers as the Crowd Chants “Lock [Trump] Him Up!”


After a disastrous debate performance, Joe Biden is off campaigning as if nothing happened. The radical left president is back without missing a step, dividing the nation and pushing to have his competition imprisoned.

During his post-debate rally in North Carolina Friday, Biden’s crowd chanted, “Lock him up,” referring to Donald Trump.

“Well, there’s time for that,” Biden laughed, sneering, eager to imprison the leading presidential candidate.

He noted that other [lawfare] charges were coming for Donald Trump.

This was hot off his devastating debate, during which he was dazed, confused, muttered, froze, and appeared glassy-eyed. He made no sense on several occasions, and his nastiness appeared throughout.

Biden has always been nasty, ever since his Dixiecrat days.

After terrifying viewers of the debate with his witlessness, which prompted the New York Times to call for him to step down, he posted on X and characterized Donald Trump as a threat to democracy, which he defines as socialism or worse.

In a new poll, half of Americans want him replaced.

“Donald Trump is a genuine threat to this nation,” he blathered without any evidence. “He’s a threat to our freedom; he’s a threat to our democracy. He’s literally a threat to everything America stands for.”

Donald Trump ran a traditional presidency.

The Democrat Party has come up with two narratives since Biden’s record is destroying the USA – abortion and Trump is a threat to democracy. They are manufactured problems.

Meanwhile, Biden has opened our borders with no vetting, is destroying the dollar as the reserve currency, is taxing and regulating the middle class and small businesses into ruination, and is escalating wars throughout the world.

Biden Is a crook:

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