Biden sympathizes with radicals destroying confederate statues since we’re systemically racist


Biden was live with the press on Tuesday. He sounds more cogent than usual. Since he’s not campaigning, he’s had a lot of rest. Some believe he had the questions beforehand since he was told which reporters to call on.

He was asked about the removal and desecration of statues and monuments.

Biden said he can divide the statue issue into three groups. First, Confederate statues which should all be in museums. Two, institutions can jettison names if they want. Three, there is a distinction to be made for remembrances, reminders of history and they should be preserved. They’re not honoring the individual, they’re just remembrances, he claimed. Of course, that is not accurate. They are honoring some achievement or other.

Later on in the interview, one of the last questions he was asked was if tearing statues down is appropriate. Biden said it’s better to do it the right way, but he understands why they are ripping them down and desecrating them. Then Biden said we have systemic racism in this country and, as he race-baited, he accused President Trump of race-baiting. He told officials to take all the confederate statues down, claiming it’s fundamentally different than taking down the Jefferson Memorial.

He’s sympathizing with communist revolutionaries because that is who are tearing down statues.

Joe Biden was asked if he has begun to prepare for debates against Trump. He says he can “hardly wait”. We can’t wait either.

The last question was if he was tested for cognitive ability and he said he’s been tested and tested and will compare his cognitive ability to President Trump’s.


He was told what reporters to call on and it seems like he knew the questions in advance:

Almost all softballs:

He claims he won’t hold rallies over the virus, but he can’t even fill a gym:

He knocked on wood:

Biden keeps talking about things we should do about the virus that Trump already did. He obsessed on the mask issue, another manufactured crisis — Trump isn’t wearing his mask:

Watch the full press conference:



  1. I’m not systematically racist, I’m not a Democrat. Democrats wrote the Jim Crow Laws, began segregation, legislated the poll taxes and established segregation and the KKK. They’re the ones who are systematically racist and that includes Biden. He was one of Robert Byrd’s best buddies. And I’ll bet he looks up to the 27 Democrat Senators who voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, only 6 Republicans voted against it. Bill Clinton thought of James Fulbright, who also voted against the 1964 Civil Rights act, as his mentor and Al Gore Sr. also voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

  2. Biden read from a pre-rehersed scipt the answered powder puff questions that were previously rehearsed. And, he sounded as if he was on a double dose of Zantex. Basement Bunker Biden does not have the mental clarity, stamina, nor the honesty to admit he’s the prejudicial racist wart hog history proves him to be, by both his close associations with a KKK member, statements he has made, and legislation he approved of, that are all on record. And, he has yet to be brought forward to a senate hearing on Burshima and his dealings with China. Joe is not just hiding behind a corona mask. He is trying to hide his unsavory past.
    I refuse to vote for a hypocritical relic with mental and emotional problems caused by the obvious deterioration of has diminished mind. So that he can step down and be replaced by his VP and then collect his pension for being a past senator, VP, and heaven forfend a POTUS.

  3. This obnoxious buffoon will sympathize with anyone he thinks he can get a vote from. The man has done nothing for 50 yrs. except politic and make his family rich in doing so. So in my opinion “It’s all about Joe.”

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