Biden to heavily tax corporations like Amazon to pay for his profligacy


Joe Biden attacked Amazon and other big businesses in his speech unveiling his $2 trillion infrastructure plan Wednesday in Pittsburgh.

Biden’s infrastructure plan is the next major initiative for his administration following the passage of his $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan.

He says the plan will create “millions” of American jobs and lower the deficit “in the long run.” [It won’t. It’s the same old tired approach that never works. Corporations will just take their money elsewhere.]

To pay for the legislation, he proposed hiking taxes on corporations and the wealthy, arguing that Amazon and other world-leading companies have gotten away with paying nothing in federal taxes.

“Right now a middle-class couple … making a combined 110, 120 thousand dollars a year pays 22 cents for each additional dollar they earn in federal income tax,” Biden said. “But a multi-national corporation that builds a factory abroad and then bring it home and sells it — They pay nothing at all.”

That is so untrue.

He blatantly lied about Donald Trump’s tax cuts that mostly helped the middle class.

Go to about 50:00:

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