Biden tries to tell Tapper he’s not Slow Joe & forgets what he’s saying


During an interview with Jake Tapper, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden tried to deny he’s Slow Joe and then forgot what he was saying.

“Just look at us, okay?” Biden said to Tapper. “Just look at us. Who seems to be in shape? Who’s able to move around?”

“Who’s, I mean, this idea of, you know, ‘Slow Joe,’” Biden said as he started to laugh before losing his train of thought. “I, anyway, I, I shouldn’t laugh about it because, uh, anyway, Donald Trump, uh, just look at us both, watch us, and determine whether or not you think, uh, um, I’m misleading anyone, not you personally, but the public, you know, look at me, judge me based on—”


It’s not the first time:

Slow Joe can’t function without a teleprompter:

Biden tried to tell CNN’s Jake Tapper that he was opposed to NAFTA. Clinton came up with NAFTA and Joe voted for it.

Tapper did press him on Trump renegotiating NAFTA. Finally, Joe did admit that the USMCA is better than NAFTA.

Biden lied and said Trump lifted sanctions on North Korea. He did not.

Taxes, he loves taxes:

Good grief on this new Biden ad:

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