Biden Unwittingly Humiliates the US on Veteran’s Day


Joe Biden celebrated Veteran’s Day in a totally confused state. He needed guidance on what to do after he placed the wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. He was told numerous times what he was to do but couldn’t seem to understand. He kept turning around, confused, as the crowd looked on and the TV cameras rolled for all the world to see. Democrats and his family have let America down as his fragility humiliates us before the world, and unknown, unelected people run the government.

He looked toward a service member who reached out and directed him to stand next to the Vice President.

Politico said Biden’s age is “no laughing matter these days,” adding that “about three-quarters of adults in an Associated Press-NORC poll said they think Biden is too old to effectively serve as president. Even among Democrats, the numbers were scary — 69% said he was too old.”

I never believed Joe Biden was part of the plan, and I still don’t believe it. Hopefully, I’m wrong but I see Biden withdrawing next year, perhaps after Donald Trump’s convicted. Perhaps Gavin Newsom or Michelle Obama will take his place. It’s not likely to be Kamala Harris.

It’s just hard to imagine their serious about running him. Then again, they might do anything to maintain power.

What do you think?

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