Biden Wants $40B More or the Government Will Shut Down


The Biden administration requested congressional leaders give them about $40 billion in new emergency spending. This is in addition to all the other trillions Biden’s administration spends. It doesn’t seem to include Maui.

Biden’s building back better, only it’s Ukraine, not Maui

The cash that President Joe Biden requested formally on Thursday includes more than $24 billion in aid to Ukraine, $12 billion to replenish a dwindling pot of federal disaster relief, and $4 billion to address issues at the southern border, like shelter and services for migrants and counter-fentanyl efforts.

They will use the $4 billion border money to fund illegal aliens, giving them whatever they want. They will give blue states money to fund illegals, provide lawyers to help illegals stay in the country, and do nothing to close the border to cartel drug and human trafficking.

Maui is on fire, and that is an emergency. They should get the $24 billion.

Biden is using the ever-effective government shutdown threat.

A Republican-led House will not rubber-stamp any blank-check funding requests,” a spokesman for @SpeakerMcCarthy said.

Politico reports:

Biden’s emergency aid pitch will almost certainly cause additional angst on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers face a tight timeline to avert a government shutdown by Sept. 30. House conservatives have pushed for further cuts to government funding, already jeopardizing the passage of new spending bills before the White House’s request for additional cash.

Meanwhile, our tax dollars support people coming to take citizens’ jobs. On Tuesday, one migrant told the NY Post how well they treat him in Brooklyn [with tax dollars].

“They treat us very well. There’s nothing they stop us from doing,” said Miguel Mujica, 39, one of the 56 migrants lodging at the McCarren Play Center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, according to the New York Post. “They give us good hot food, which is freshly made; the food is very good. It’s mostly Venezuelan food. Pasta and rice with chicken, beef or goat. Lunch is mostly chicken and rice. Yesterday, I had a chicken cutlet. You can get water and juice whenever you want, no limit.”

There is no curfew at the shelter, Mujica said

Mujica brought his wife, five-year-old daughter, and 15-year-old son from a family migrant hotel in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, “to the pool on Sunday, and there was no problem. We all swam between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. It’s a very nice pool,” per the Post. He was reportedly expelled from the family migrant hotel for an undisclosed reason.

He makes up to $800 a week and gets freebies.

A former forensic pathology assistant earning $40 a month in Venezuela, Mujica now reportedly earns between $700 and 800 a week working under the table doing demolition and construction in Brooklyn. According to the outlet, he and his family crossed the southern border into Texas in Sept. 2022 and arrived in New York City, reportedly attracted by the shelters.

We have money to burn to get these new Democrats into the country to vote for the communists in the Democrat Party.

Welcome to America.

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