Biden Warns He Will Surveil & Fine Businesses $136,532 Over Vax Fiat


Biden’s administration warned Thursday there would be “planned inspections” and heavy fines of $136,532 for businesses to assure the new coronavirus vaccine fiat is obeyed. The mandate is set for a Jan. 4th deadline.

It covers two-thirds of the US workforce and if you don’t do as the monarch says, he’ll bankrupt you.

A senior Biden official spoke to reporters about their planned enforcement measures prior to leveling an Occupational Safety and Public Health requirement for businesses with over 100 employees. They either get vaccinated or pay for weekly tests. They are also required to wear masks.

There is no science behind any of this, just wealthy Pharma and government totalitarians.

“We also will be having some programmed or planned inspections where we do go to workplaces to check to make certain that the workplace is in compliance with the rule,” the official said.

Meanwhile, illegal aliens and refugees can come into the country illegally without vaccinations.

The official said they would focus much of their vaccine mandate enforcement efforts on employers where employees complained about their working status.


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Meanwich Stinkburger
Meanwich Stinkburger
9 months ago

Radio was talking about Youngkin and Dominion letting a Grand Old Politburo republican get within 20,000 votes in the glorious people’s republic of New Jersey.
Biden’s handlers warn that the stinkburgers are chock full of meanwich.

9 months ago

The more Traitor Joe threatens The People, the more I think there is something sinister a foot. Is there something in these vaccines? Do the they hurt your Natural Immunity which would force people to need more medications in the future? There is Zero Science here so what’s really going on?

I told people that if Democrats lost Virginia the Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers were going to double down. OSHA nor any other part of the Federal Government simply does not have this kind of authority, where is the Supreme Court? Who in the Traitor Joe Circle is getting the big payoff?

Why is the Government refusing to recognize Natural Immunity?

James Lengel
James Lengel
9 months ago

And the left wing media was calling Trump a dictator, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, etc.