Biden was asked about his presser yesterday and said, “What press conference”


Somebody shouted out to Biden ‘how are you getting ready for your press conference’ and he said: ‘what press conference?’

There is little doubt that the media will handle the Joe Biden press conference today very different from the way they handled DJT’s, aka OrangeManBad. No matter what Biden says or does, he will come out with glowing recommendations. They have set the bar very low for Joe. If he’s mostly coherent in reading from the teleprompter while remaining upright, it will be a success.

Sadly, just yesterday, he didn’t know about his big presser today after waiting 64 days without one and without a State of the Union.

He waited until the 64th day of his presidency to take extended questions from reporters, longer than his 15 predecessors over the past 100 years.

Watch the clips:

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