Bidenflation: Store Labels Can Now Change Prices in 10 Seconds


NPR reports that Walmart “became the latest retailer to announce it’s replacing the price stickers in its aisles with electronic shelf labels.”

“Grocery store prices are changing faster than ever before — literally. The new labels allow employees to change prices as often as every ten seconds.”

“If it’s hot outside, we can raise the price of water and ice cream. If there’s something that’s close to the expiration date, we can lower the price. That’s the good news,” said Phil Lempert, a grocery industry analyst…

Or, maybe it’s about inflation going completely off the charts; we all better prepare. We also have lunatics in blue states like Gavin Newsom, who raise the minimum wage for low-level jobs until the employers go out of business. Let’s not forget the thievery the Democrats allow as reparations of a sort.

“Walmart announced that 2,300 stores will have digitized shelf labels by 2026. Daniela Boscan said the label’s key benefits are “increased productivity and reduced walking time.” Plus quicker shelf restocking.” She participated in the pilot.

According to the article, US groceries and many European stores use them. Europe’s ahead of us in making their countries socialist or communist.

When I say Bidenflation that includes more than Biden. It includes the Obama, Soros, and Clinton staff who fill the White House.

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