Musk: Biden Win “Might Be the Downfall of Western Civilization”


Billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk pushed back on Melinda French Gates’ endorsement of the worst and most dangerous president in US history, figurehead Joe Biden. He suggested he might be bad for the West.

Ex-wife of globalist Bill Gates endorsed Biden on Thursday, presenting him as the candidate that cared about women. Tell that to women and girls being battered on the sports field.

“I am once again asking for the scorned billionaire wife to Democrat activist pipeline to be studied,” conservative influencer Ashley St.Clair wrote on X (formerly Twitter) in response. “Melinda Gates is about to spend so much divorce money on getting Joe Biden elected.”

“Might be the downfall of western civilization,” replied Musk. He also agreed with St. Clair’s follow-up that “many villain arcs [are] being pursued under the guise of philanthropy.”

Melinda French Gates’ 2021 has more than $11 billion to sway the election. She is now a political activist for the hard left.

Musk didn’t endorse Donald Trump, but he did say a red wave could save America.

“I voted 100% [Democrat] until a few years ago. Now, I think we need a red wave or America is toast,” Musk said in March.

There is no “might be” about it. Biden, as a figurehead for a band of globalist statists, is the downfall of Western civilization. As far as him being a good Catholic, that’s a joke. His religion is himself.

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