Biden’s “Border Security” Facilitates Mass Release, Resettlement


“As predicted, the border funds in Biden’s Ukraine bill are not for “security” (i.e. deportation) but to increase and accelerate the mass release, resettlement, and transportation of the world’s developing countries into all 50 American states,” Stephen Miller wrote on X, linking to the White House’s idea of border security which is anything but.

The faux border security is woven into the billions in aid to Ukraine and Israel.

“Biden released his so-called “border security” funding request- it includes $850 million for “expansion of migrant pathways” and “refugee resettlement to the US from the Western Hemisphere,” Rep. Mary Miller posted on X.

Listed among the border funds in Biden’s Ukraine bill were these two killers:
  • Expansion of lawful pathways, including efforts to streamline the processing of eligible refugees and migrants through the Safe Mobility Offices Initiative.
  • Support for eligible arrivals, including services to successfully resettle in the United States and become self-sufficient.

They want to streamline the mass invasion.

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Capt. Bligh
Capt. Bligh
1 month ago

Traitor Biden. Vile filth.