Biden’s ‘buy American’ plan doesn’t mean Feds have to buy American


President Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure package is being pitched as a win for the domestic economy, but an obscure line within the 2,702-page bill could INCREASE THE OFFSHORING of American jobs, The Washington Times tells us (emphasis mine).

Biden is China’s best friend.

The Democrat infrastructure legislation also seeks to make good on Mr. Biden’s campaign pledge of restoring the “Made in America” brand.

The bill requires federal agencies to prohibit new funding for infrastructure “unless all of the iron, steel, manufactured products, and construction materials used in the project are produced in the United States.”

But, don’t be fooled.

The bill also includes a MASSIVE CARVEOUT allowing federal agency heads to waive that mandate.

Federal bureaucrats are granted wide discretion when granting the waivers. That’s especially true if they determine that relying on American-made goods and resources “would be inconsistent with the public interest.”

CONSISTENT WITH THE PUBLIC INTEREST could mean anything at any time by any one of them.

Other reasons for granting a waiver include an insufficient domestic supply of construction materials or a determination that buying American will “increase the cost of the overall project by more than 25 percent.”

It’s easy to say it will cost more than 25 percent. It’s called padding the estimate.

These types of waivers have been used by the government and federal contractors to skirt “buy American” provisions mandated by law FOR YEARS.


Donald Trump’s efforts to tighten loopholes have forced Democrats to do something.

Biden’s answer is using tax dollars for a $400 billion “Buy American” federal procurement subsidy program. That is on top of a $300 billion ‘investment’ with tax dollars in domestic research and development programs.

Everything for Democrats is anti-free market and pro-big government.

Currently, the federal government allows agencies to skirt the requirements provided that at least 55% of an item’s “component parts” are manufactured in the U.S.

Mr. Biden is proposing to immediately raise the threshold to 60%, with the eventual goal being 75% by 2029.

But, there’s the vague carveout.

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2 years ago

Biden has to make sure he takes care of China. After all, he owes them big time! They paid for his loyalty and favors.

2 years ago

Communist Democrats know they can’t win in 2022. That’s why they are trying to steal everything they can.