NBC’s Olympic ratings are crashing as WOKES push them off the cliff


NBC’s boring and confusing primetime coverage of the Tokyo Olympics continues to shed viewers. They have lost roughly half of the audience that tuned in for the 2016 summer games.

The lack of an audience in the stands is a problem. The time difference is a challenge and hurts them. The fact that they’re boring and confusing is a turnoff. But the WOKES are killing them.

NBC’s average primetime audience of 14.5 million viewers through the first eight days of the Olympics dropped a staggering 48% compared to Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and 58% from London in 2012.

The Democrat Network saw its smallest primetime Olympics audience of the Tokyo games on Friday night when 11.7 million people tuned in. That was down 51% from 24 million people in Rio. It was down 59% from 28.5 million in London.

The total was down 51% from the 24 million people who tuned in for the equivalent night of the Rio games and 59% compared to the 28.5 million viewers who tuned in for the comparable night of the London Olympics.

NBC’s decline among younger viewers is even more drastic, with a 67% drop for people age 12-17 and a 63% drop for adults age 18-34 compared to the Rio games.

The opening ceremony drew 16.7 million viewers for NBC, the smallest audience for the network broadcast since the 1988 Seoul Games.


WOKE athletes were a big turnoff. Who wants to root for people representing the US who will dishonor it and trash us as racists?

The ‘Icon for America Haters’ Raven Saunders told the world that Americans are oppressing minorities with a hand gesture when she collected her Silver medal. And she twerked obscenely:

The USWNT wore Black Lives Matter uniforms and got Sweden to kneel. BLM is a communist movement funded by George Soros, a white guy, to destroy the family, capitalism, the police, the entire justice system, religion, and more. That is what they represent.

There are others like Gregg Popovich.

Who needs them and who wants to watch them? You can’t tell me all Democrats think this is great.

NBC[National Bolshevik Corp]Universal CEO Jeff Shell insists they will still make a profit.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

What a shame. I guess you reap what you sow.

Counter Revolutionary
Counter Revolutionary
2 years ago

Pushback in every way possible. Express yourself on pages like this.
I absolutely love reading articles, editorials, punditry, by people ten times smarter than I will ever be.
A big hat tip to you all, the modern True Sons and Daughters of Liberty.
It is all part of building the big picture like puzzle pieces.
All ISP’s are part of the neo-fascist dystopian welcome back Jimmy Carter that is blooming so let’s enjoy it while we can.
We are born free, we are not Russians, French, Germans, Chinese, Cambodian, Venezuelan, Cuban, and we don’t want the cancel scold Red Guards Wokekanda.