Biden’s Coercing States to Push Unconstitutional Gun Laws


The Institute for Legislative Action, a division of the NRA, reported the establishment of the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention is “an effort by the Biden Administration to funnel taxpayer dollars to the partisan project of gun control.”

The constitution protects among others both the right to bear arms and freedom of religion, illustrated with a musket type pistol ( flintlock pistol ) and a bible

They met with state lawmakers to pressure them into promoting gun laws that have failed in the past because they are unconstitutional.

“Even the U.S. Justice Department – supposedly the executive’s guarantor of civil rights – is now drafting constitutionally dubious “model legislation” that states can use to crack down on gun owners.  The effort shows Biden’s weaponization of government for political purposes continues to sink to new lows,” reports the NRA.

The outline of the administration’s plan for state action is as follows:
  1.  “Establish a State Office of Gun Violence Prevention”;
  2.  “Invest in Evidence-informed Solutions to Prevent and Respond to Gun Violence”;
  3.  “Strengthen Support for Survivors and Victims of Gun Violence”;
  4.  “Reinforce Responsible Gun Ownership”;
  5.  “Strengthen Gun Background Checks”; and
  6.  “Hold the Gun Industry Accountable”.

One has to ask oneself why they are so desperate to take guns from law-abiding citizens. They don’t care about the guns gangs are using to kill people.

“The outline paints a picture of obvious gun control euphemisms interspersed with potential efforts at problem-solving. But the details of the plan paint a different story, one replete with the same unconstitutional, failed, or – at best – unproven policies the firearm prohibition lobby has pursued for decades. Little of it has anything to do with crime or safety. Instead, most of it is squarely focused on making life more difficult for anyone who would dare own a gun or operate a firearm-related business,” the NRA writes.

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Save America
Save America
2 months ago

As they push their draconian gun laws, the price of ammo has skyrocketed.