Biden’s Considering Military Action Against Russia in Syria


“The United States is considering a military response to Russia’s presence in the Syrian skies, amid escalating tensions and accusations of aggression, while Russia, Syria, and Iran aim to oust the US from the region,” The Express reveals.

Moscow claims the US breached restricted airspace with drone flights. The Pentagon denies it, but that doesn’t mean they’re telling the truth.

Since Syrian President Bashar Assad invited Russian military assistance in 2015 to combat Islamist militants, Russia and the US have maintained a continuous military presence in the war-torn country. We are in Syria because warmonger John McCain insisted on it. We stayed because he insisted, along with Lindsey Graham.

Russia is in Syria because Assad wants them there. They are there by invitation.

Assad wants us out.

If Americans were up on what is happening there, they would want us out too. The media keeps us all in the dark.

“According to the official, there is a growing sense of cooperation among Russia, Syria, and Iran, with a shared objective of forcefully driving the US out of Syria once and for all,” says The Express.

“This alliance poses a significant challenge to US interests in the region and could further escalate an already volatile situation,” the article continues.

What interests do we have in Syria? We’re not fighting ISIS.

The fact that Biden is considering military action against Russia with tensions so high should alarm everyone.

We are intruding on Syria’s sovereignty.

These are extremely dangerous times.

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