Biden’s Disgraceful Commencement Speech at Morehouse College


Joe Biden decided to use the commencement at a black college today to divide Americans along racial lines because he’s evil. All he cares about is winning an election. This is a man who became a senator at age 30 only because segregationists pushed him into office. He told the graduates they must be ten times better (than whites) to get a fair shot.

Biden claims we hate black people and are killing them in the streets. He capitalized on the death of a black man, George Floyd, to drive anger.

Uncle Joe wants the graduates to know they are oppressed as they graduate from college. This is supposed to be a happy occasion, giving these wide-eyed, idealistic youth hope for the future.

In this clip, Uncle Joe is clapping against our ally.

The graduates at Morehouse turned their backs on Uncle Joe.

The Ban Books Lie

Biden wants gay porn books in K-12 school libraries and said today that the right wants to ban books.

Joey told them to “check his record,” and he meant “it from his gut.” If they check his record, they’ll find a racist segregationist who is a congenital liar.

Biden’s counting on these kids being too young to know how he talked about the “jungle” and didn’t want his kids growing up in it.

First, he pandered, then he sped off. You’d think he was at a funeral for 13 murdered soldiers.

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