While US Borders Are Open, Americans Involved in Coup Attempt


Authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) said Sunday they had arrested several foreigners who were allegedly involved in a thwarted coup attempt. This came after a shootout in the capital left three people dead, reports WaPo. Three Americans were arrested. CIA? Mercenaries?

The alleged plotters’ amateur tactics and ease of access to one of Congo’s most secure sites is remarkable.

Congolese army spokesperson Brig. Gen. Sylvain Ekenge told state television that the coup attempt had been swiftly stopped by Congolese security forces.

US Ambassador Lucy Tamlyn tweeted:
“I am shocked by the events of this morning and very concerned by reports of American citizens allegedly involved. Please be assured that we will cooperate with the DRC authorities to the fullest extent as they investigate these criminal acts and hold accountable any U.S. citizen involved in criminal acts.”

The coup was allegedly led by US-based Congolese politician Christian Malanga.

He was killed at the presidential palace after he resisted arrest.

The reports sound so ridiculous that it’s almost as if some college kids got drunk and decided to attack a palace. I’m sure it will all flesh out in some insane way in the end. If the US is behind it, we’ve made some enemies in Africa as our borders are wide open.

Make America great again and ditch Joe Biden.


It sounds so amateurish that one could easily believe Joe Biden planned it.

One of the Americans arrested had a passport in the name of Benjamin Zalman-Polun, according to Congolese television. His social media profiles described him as an American cannabis entrepreneur. A 2022 article in Africa Intelligence had connected Zalman-Polun to Malanga’s gold business in Mozambique.

In videos posted on Malanga’s Facebook page and other social media earlier Sunday, men in military uniforms can be seen wandering somewhat aimlessly around the presidential palace, taking down flags, chanting “New Zaire” and filming themselves waving weapons and swearing. There are at least two White men wearing masks. At one point, an American accent off camera says “it’s jammed”; at another point, someone says in English, “Felix, we’re coming for you n—–” — a racist slur rarely used in Congo.

In most of the videos posted online, the men do not have weapons; one is leaning against a wall. There is no sign of resistance — or a plan. In another video, a man presumed to be Malanga screams, “Felix, you’re out” while armed men behind him check their phones or adjust their berets before producing a flag associated with Zaire, the country’s former name.


The alleged coup attempt was thwarted at the residence of the Congolese president, where Malanga was killed—national armed forces spokesperson Sylvain Ekenge told the Associated Press on Sunday.

Before the alleged coup attempt, Malanga posted a video on Facebook apparently from the Democratic Republic of the Congo threatening Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi, in which a person can be heard speaking with an American accent before Malanga starts his speech.

At least three people were killed, including two police officers and an attacker, during an assault on the residence of Deputy Prime Minister Vital Kamerhe, his press secretary said in a statement.

One of the arrested U.S. citizens was Malanga’s son, Ekenge told Reuters. However, few other details have been released about the Americans so far.


This is how it plays out. The US will deny involvement. The Congo leadership will torture the Americans. They will be executed or exchanged for other prisoners.

Our borders are wide open. We still don’t know how accurate any of these reports are. If they are, do you think Americans can be involved in coups and not pay the price?

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