Biden’s Document Scandal Is Getting Worse with Criminality Looming Large


The Hunter-Joe Biden document scandal just keeps getting worse. Not only did Hunter have access to the secret documents, but Joe is tied to them in a criminal way.

Miranda Devine published documents proving Hunter had access to the secret documents. She reports that Hunter Biden claimed to own the house in Delaware, where Joe Biden kept some classified documents in his garage.

It was the address on his driver’s license as well.
Hunter’s driver’s license.
But…but…it was in a locked garage:

Apparently, in 2019, Robert Hur, the Biden docu-gate special counsel, helped imprison a private contractor for nine years for hoarding the same type of documents in his garage.

Will Biden get the same treatment?

The only reason I think it’s possible is Democrats might want to get rid of Joe Biden after he said he would run for the presidency in 2024.

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