Biden’s Even Losing Black Americans – That’s Unheard of


Biden’s approval rating is poor, even falling with black Americans. It fell by 20% in the past year. Biden is toxic for the Democrat party, even more toxic than their communist members.

Black adult approval went from 87% to 67%. That doesn’t mean they’ll vote for Republicans.

Allegedly, according to the Gallup poll, his approval is at 42%. Although The reason it is that high is a lot of people like his handling of coronavirus, he’s underwater everywhere else. Also, 84% of Democrats apparently approve while only 5% of Republicans approve. Independents are not wild about him either with 35% approval.

It’s hard to understand why Democrats would support him unless it’s only about ideology and political party for them.


The Donald Trump-supported candidates won across the board in the primaries, and while some ran unopposed, it could be a sign that the GOP now wants to make America First – putting the working man and woman first.

The MAGA movement is not even related to Donald Trump necessarily. It’s a working class movement of people who see their jobs going to people here illegally and to manufacturing overseas. Minorities must remember how much better they did under Trumponomics.

One of the reasons Joe Biden might be insulting anyone who supports making America great again this week is because the movement of sorts is picking up steam. This is despite 24/7 onslaughts by the media and Democrats.

It will all flesh out in November, however, Biden is even losing his permanent voters – black Americans. They could sit this election out.

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